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Summerville Police Reports. . . .

The following incidents were reported during the past week, according to Summerville Police reports. They include:

* Horace Emanuel Wooten, 54, of Summerville, was arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication on July 4.

“[Wooten] was going to jail for public intoxication. [He] was standing on his porch and refused to come off the porch. [He] then hit me with the door once I came on the porch to place Mr. Wooten under arrest. [He] was intoxicated and disturbing the peace of the neighborhood. . .” Officer Matthew Wilson reported.

* Jenny Evette Hayes, 37, of Summerville, was arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication on July 4.

“Subject was warned several times to lower her voice and stop cursing. Subject continued to curse and got louder at 1:01 a.m.,” Officer Steve Bates said.

* Samantha Lene Hogue, 17, of West First Street, Summerville, was arrested for disorderly conduct on Sunday. “[Hogue] was in a disagreement with parents. Proceeded to be loud and boisterous in front of officers and juveniles on the scene,” Officer Jo Stricklin stated.

* Ellen Holsey, of Rome, said someone opened a BB&T checking and savings account using her personal identity. She realized the scheme after receiving two mailings from the bank. The case is still being investigated.

* Chis Polley, of College Street, in Summerville, said someone broke into his 2011 GMC pickup on Friday or Saturday and stole his Garmin GPS. Polley said he normally locks his vehicle but did not this time. The crook entered Polley’s passenger side of the vehicle that was facing away from the residence.

* Melinda S, Sparks, was involved in a dispute with her husband, John, and scratched him on the face and neck with her fingernails. John was bleeding from scratches. The dispute started after finding out Melinda had taken a vehicle to go to the store after knowing she should not drive due to medications and medical history, Officer David Westbrooks stated.

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