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Chattooga County Sheriff’s Reports. . .

The following are incident reports filed by the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Department during the past week. They include:

A Summerville man lost his cell phone during a fight on Sunday. Robert Sumner said he got into a fight with a person he knows. During the fight, the other guy took Sumner’s phone and left, according to an incident report.

*   *   *
Rapheal Shropshire said someone took his blue-nose pit bulldog on Sunday evening without his permission.

*   *  *
A Mentone teenager was so intoxicated that cops could hardly wake him during the early morning hours Friday.

Deputy Tony Edwards noticed a car sitting at the Trion First National Bank’s lot around 4:52 a.m. The deputy checked out the grey Ford Escape and noticed a teenager asleep. The deputy knocked on the window and could not get him awake.

The deputy motioned for a nearby Trion Police officer to come help.

“I asked the Trion officer how long the vehicle had been at the location and he stated no more than 20 minutes,” Deputy Edwards reported.

After banging on the window with no response, the deputy decided to open the car door to check the teenager’s wellbeing. The teenager started stirring when the door opened.

“I asked the subject to see his drivers license and he started to roll down the windows and jabbering with very slurred speech and very unsteady balance while in the car,” Deputy Edward stated.

The teenager, identified as 19-year-old Kimbren Taylor Dowdy, registered a .222 on the portable alcohol sensor. That’s more than two times the legal limit to drink.

“I asked the subject to see his license. The subject seemed very confused and handed me several items to include a $20 bill and his debit cards several times before giving me his license,” Deputy Edwards stated.

Dowdy was arrested for DUI, according to the incident report.

*   *   *
Haley Thomas said that she’s being harassed by two people she knows. They followed her around Walmart and cursed at her on Friday.

*   *   *
Mitch Gattis, of Summerville, said that one of his neighbors is sending him harassing messages on social media.

*  *  *
Celeste Kelley said she was driving north on Hwy. 27 just south of Farmersville Road when she struck a piece of tire in the roadway on Friday. The tire damaged her front bumper and front passenger side fender well. She was driving a whit 2017 Hyundai Accent.

*   *   *
Montana Hunter said someone shattered the back window to her gray 2014 Hyundai Sonata on Sunday. Someone used rocks to break the window.

“The vehicle was parked in the street in front of the house. I did observe the back window being broken, several dents and scratches, a rock in the vehicle and several rocks in the yard,” Deputy Nicole Sprague stated.

*   *   *
Mable Coley, of Lake Wanda Rieta Road, Summerville, said someone threw a rock through the back window of her Jeep on Saturday night.

“I did observe the back window shattered and a rock on the ground. I took pictures and advised on call [investigator] Wendell Flood due to similar incidents in the area,” Deputy Sprague stated.

*   *  *
Steve Bailey said someone threw rocks at his garage door and put two holes in the panels on Sunday. Bailey’s home on Wylan Hills was also damaged.

*   *   *
Jonathan Keith Blackmon and Richard Brian Stevens, of 93 Railroad Circle, Pennville, was arrested for disorderly conduct after fighting on Saturday night.


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