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Cat Killed By Neighbor’s Bulldog And Huskey

A cat is dead and a Summerville resident says the culprits are two dogs belonging to a neighbor, according to a police report.

Tuesday morning a bulldog and a Siberian Huskey escaped from inside their owner’s home on Ramey Street. While outside they attacked a grey cat belonging to Maurice Brown.

“[Brown] looked across the street and observed two dogs at 525 Ramey Street to be tossing his cat around. [Brown] states that it appeared that his car was now deceased. [Brown] states that the dogs were in their yard but outside of their fence,” Summerville Police Officer Phillip Cox reported.

Neighbors saw the dogs outside the house and fence, but still on the owner’s property.

“The original complaint states that these dogs have gotten out on at least four occasions. [Brown] states that on at least two occasions that the dogs had jumped the fence of another neighbor across the road and had injured their dog. I went to this residence and spoke with the resident and she stated that the two dogs came and taunted her dog at the fence one time and that on another occasion that the bulldog came alone. This resident also stated that the dogs never entered her fence and never injured her dog as had been claimed,” Officer Cox reported.

Animal control was notified about the situation. Officer Cox said it doesn’t appear that the owners of the dogs violated any ordinance and could not be cited.

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