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Large Coke Bottles Missing From Downtown Summerville

Two large decorative Coca-Cola bottles have been stolen from downtown Summerville, according to city officials.

The folk-art painted bottles are part of street corner decorations in the downtown.

“The decorative bottles are made of plastic and stand approximately chest high and contains approximately 50 pounds of sand in the bottom to steady it,” Summerville Police Detective Brian Ozment stated.

One of the missing bottles used to be located near Jefferson’s Restuarant (corner of East Washington and Commerce) and the other at the corner of East Washington Street Economy Street; where streetscape renovations are underway.  The last time city officials remember seeing the bottles was on July 25.

The bottles are owned by the city of Summerville.

If you know the location of missing bottles, please contact 911 or Det. Ozment at 706-859-0912.

These are the two Coca-Cola bottles that are missing from downtown Summerville. These large plastic street decorations were taken within the last week.

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