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Summerville Police Reports . . . .

  • Christopher Owen Norman, 31,of Maplewood Drive, Summerville, was cited Saturday night for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.
  • Crystal Floyd, of Summerville Gardens Drive, said someone ransacked her apartment Sunday night.

“She stated that the trash can had been moved as well. Ms. Floyd’s bedroom had been gone through quite rigorously but nothing was missing. Ms. Floyd’s son’s room had also been gone through and all that was missing was an old pay card that was in a jewelry box on the dresser,” Summerville Policeman Jo Stricklin reported.

Floyd wasn’t sure who burglarized her apartment but wanted management to change the locks on her door.

  • Stephanie Cavin, of Menlo, said her 2013 Toyota RAV4 was damaged Friday morning while it was parked at the Chattooga County Department of Family and Children’s Services building on Hwy. 48.
  • Andy Espinosa, of Summerville, said he was threatened Friday at Willow Springs Park. A man driving a white Chevrolet truck pulled up to the park and told Espinosa that he was going to let his dogs out and that Espinosa needed to leave the park.

“The male subject advised that one of the dogs bites and that he needed to leave to keep from getting bit. At that point, Mr. Espinosa became irritated and advised the subject that he just needed to leave. This angered the subject and he became irate and began cussing Mr. Espinosa and using racial slurs toward him. Mr. Espinosa stated at one point the subject approached him so he squared off to the subject in a fighting stance. The subject got back into the truck and before leaving he advised Mr. Espinosa that he had a gun and he had it coming to him,” Officer Jo Stricklin reported.

Espinosa obtained the man’s tag number and gave it to police. The incident is still under investigation.

  • Apache Campbell, of Summerville, said a blue 2016 Chevrolet Camaro belonging to Beverly Pair was intentionally scratched by someone at the Summerville Gardens Apartments complex on Saturday.
  • John Rollins, of Sagebrush Lane, Summerville, returned home around 9 p.m. Sunday and spotted a man rummaging through his outbuilding. “Mr. Rollins advised that as soon as he exited his vehicle the subject ran through the back of the yard out of sight,”  Officer Jo Stricklin reported. Nothing was reported missing from the outbuilding.

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