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Summerville Police Reports. . . .

  • Frederick London, of Hawkins Drive, said his United Community Bank debit card is missing from his billfold. It was noticed missing on Sunday night. Someone has already made a $5 purchase with it.
  • John Smith, of Peppermint Place, said he was attacked Sunday afternoon by some people who gathered near his property. He saw several people in his driveway and thought they were about to fight. He went outside to make them leave when he was attacked. They took his cell phone and wallet containing $400  in cash. The incident is still under investigation.
  • Two small dogs created a stir at Oakview Nursing Home Sunday afternoon. One dog was on a leash being walked down a hall when another small down, not on a leash, approached and attacked. Neither dog was harmed but the dog owners were upset. Cops were called but no one was arrested. One of the dog owners, however, had drunk a beer earlier in the day and had consumed a pain pill. Cops told that person not to drive and get someone to pick them up.
  • Kindall Bennett, of Summerville Gardens Apartment, said someone stole her beige 2006 Jeep Cherokee on Saturday. She had let a family member borrow it for a couple of hours but they did not return with it. The vehicle is being reported as stolen.
  • Kamry Martin said he received a phone call from someone claiming they were from a local bank. They wanted permission to access his account. Martin did give that person access to his account. Someone then withdrew $985.
  • Dylin Matthew Ward, 17, of Summerville, was arrested for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana following a traffic stop on a Honda ATV on Friday afternoon.
  • Elizabeth Brooke Ponder, 33, of Pennville, was arrested for shoplifting on Sunday. She allegedly tried concealing body wash inside her purse while shopping at the Dollar General on Commerce Street.
  • James H. Pendergrass, 61, of Summerville, was cited for public intoxication on Friday. He was walking down Kelly Street when cited.

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