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Officer: “Was Overwhelmed By The Stench”

A local landlord was upset to find a tenant had severely damaged one of his rental houses, according to Summerville Police reports.

During a periodic inspection of a rental house, Brian West called the cops after finding his property was unfit for habitation.

“[I] followed Mr. West to the rear of the residence and was overwhelmed by the stench coming from inside the residence. [I] observed large amounts of human and animal feces throughout the residence as well as in the bathtub,” Officer David Westbrooks reported. “The residence appeared not to have been cleaned in quite some time.”

The officer said the house was unsafe and unsanitary for anyone to live in it. The landlord said he would have to remodel the entire house due to the contamination of faces and other damage.

“This likely will include replacing the walls, ceilings and floors. Damage is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars,” Officer Westbrooks stated. “The renter was not at the location when officers arrived but the [landlord] showed [me] a text message where she voluntarily agreed to terminate her lease immediately.”


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