Sen. Jeff Mullis on Summerville Drinking Water Advisory

ATLANTA (February 21, 2020) | On January 30, 2020, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) received samples of drinking water from the Raccoon Creek Treatment Plant in Summerville that contained PFA (perfluoroalkyl) substances, leading the EPD to issue a health advisory. Sen. Jeff Mullis (R – Chickamauga) would like to provide the following update on efforts underway to ensure safe drinking water for residents in the City of Summerville.
“Recently, the Georgia EPD issued a water advisory for the City of Summerville due to the presence of PFA’s in the water,” said Sen. Mullis. “While the city has been placed under this advisory, it is important to note that there has not been an increased level of PFA’s detected. Rather, the federal guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency have changed. Over the last few weeks, I have held meetings with the EPA, the Georgia EPD, the Georgia Rural Water Association and other stakeholders to ensure the safety of Summerville’s drinking water. The city has already taken steps to notify citizens of this advisory and has assisted residents in locating alternative sources of water. I, along with Rep. Eddie Lumsden (R – Armuchee), Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters, Mayor of Summerville Harry Harvey and the Summerville City Council will continue to monitor this situation and work to ensure all residents have access to clean, safe drinking water.”
For more information on the water advisory issued by the Georgia EPD, follow this link:

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  1. Charlene Koonce on February 22, 2020 at 12:19 am

    Well thank you, sir, (Mr. Mullis) for repeating in a different voice regarding the information that can’t be taken back. APPARENTLY…. the EPA changed these limits WAY BACK in 2016…. 4 years ago. Our water just now got around to being tested. Is this what we tell SMOKERS who are considering quitting smoking cigarettes? Well…. You’ve already been smoking these cancer sticks for the past four years….and we can’t provide you with SAFER cigarettes… we now have decided that the cigarettes you have been smoking have contaminants WAY above the safe level…but our local retailers can’t provide you with anything else. So just keep smoking…. or ….okay well my analogy makes sense to me but quite frankly I’m too tired of trying to tell the different government officials that we are not stupid….. Rome, GA and/or Floyd county had the same problem and spent 1.2 million dollars in reverse osmosis and activated charcoal filter systems. So…it only makes sense that IF THE LIVES of the ppl there mean something, why shouldn’t our lives matter here in Chattooga County? Guess our county will have be fined HEAVILY by the EPA before anybody picks up the pace. It reminds me of the “chert pit” that was also “found to be in violation” …. all our pore old boys have done is scrape around on it and try to build tiers…. Guess they are waiting to see if they fine us for real on that, too. ALL they have to do is contact the agencies that reclaimed the land out on State Line Road 30 years ago… when the coal mine blasting tore the land all to pieces…. it took about 20 years, but the State or Feds came out and fixed ALLLLL of those hundreds of acres, bulldozed away the cliffs, and planted grass and trees. Okay I’m tired of talking…..

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