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Qualifying For Political Office Ends In Chattooga County

The political battle is underway for at least three local Chattooga County races. The county commissioner’s race has three Republicans and a Democrat running. The probate judge post has three Republicans and one independent candidate. One of the school board races, for seat 5, has two people running. Those that qualified include:

County Commissioner

  • Jason Winters (incumbent) (Republican)
  • Jeff Coley (Republican)
  • Blake Elsberry (Republican)
  • Jimmy Holbrook (Democrat)

Probate Judge

  • Gary Woods (Republican)
  • Derrick Eckroat (Republican)
  • Teresa Pope (Republican)
  • Holley Strawn Gilleland –Independent

Chief Magistrate Judge

  • Tracy Maddux (Incumbent) (Republican)



  • Mark Schrader (Incumbent) (Republican)


  • Earle Rainwater (Incumbent) (Democrat)

School Board (Seat One)

  • Eddie Elsberry (Incumbent) (Democrat)

School Board (Seat Five)

  • B.J. Montgomery (Republican)
  • Chad Dodd (Republican)




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