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Flag will remain …Virus Watch at 7 p.m.

From Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters:

A Health Emergency Declaration and a State of Emergency are being prepared.   We will be working with all of the municipalities to do a joint resolution over the weekend and those contacts are being made now.   There are logistics to work out but our intent is for both to be signed as soon as possible.


Under consideration is a ban on in-restaurant dining that could go into effect as early as next week.  Take-out or to go ordering would still be available as well as delivery.   We are working with the District Department of Public Health and our healthcare providers on this because we are seeing a clear indication of community spread within the Northwest Georgia region.   We have been in contact with many of our restaurants to consult on this.


For the municipalities, events at public parks could be limited and those standards will be looked at over the weekend.  But we would expect to follow similar standards being set up by adjoining counties.  We are working with the State of Georgia to limit any possible large gatherings at Sloppy Floyd State Park.


Our intention was for the large flag to stay up at the Courthouse just for the opening of the Smithsonian Exhibit but now it is our intent to leave it up for the duration of this public health event.


As soon as the declarations are available we will pass them to you and any additional changes.


These are all public comments for you to use.  Please let me know any questions.




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