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Chattooga Sheriff’s Reports. . . .

The following incidents happened during the past couple of weeks, according to Chattooga County Sheriff’s reports. They include:


A Florida man driving through Summerville on a flat tire was arrested for DUI Sunday night, according to Chattooga County Sheriff’s reports.

Deputy Thomas Sainthill heard a loud noise coming from a passing white car heading south on Hwy. 27 near Bojangles. The car had a flat tire, the deputy noted.

The driver, Alfredo Abac Velasquez, 22, of Florida, said he was aware the tire was flat.

Mr. Abac Velasquez advised that he had dropped a friend off and was heading home. He stated that he knew he had a flat but did not have a spare. Mr. Abac Velasquez stated that he did not know what had happened to the tire,” Deputy Sainthill stated.

After noting his manner of driving and smell alcohol, Velasquez was arrested for DUI, according to jail reports.


Harley Chambers, of Summerville, reported a suspicious person outside the Maplewood Apartments.

He stated a black male subject wear black sweat pants and a black hoodie was on his porch area putting a piece of paper down by the front doormat. He stated his wife noticed a shadow outside the living room window and opened the front door finding the subject standing on the porch. She stated the black male subject stated he was leaving a piece of paper at her residence. She stated she closed the door. She stated her mom pulled up in front of the residence and witnessed the subject pick up the paper and run to a parked vehicle leaving the area,” Deputy Chris Clark reported.

Deputies searched the area but did not find the suspicious person.



  1. Erik mann on January 13, 2020 at 3:04 pm

    oh no!!!! not a piece of paper….anything but that!! thats a really dangerous thing to be leaving on a porch…it coulda said anything!!!!

    • Jammie Cody on January 16, 2020 at 8:45 pm

      Oh wow a peice of paper 😫

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